Diamond Cut

The cut quality of a diamond is a measure of how well the diamond interacts with light. This translates to the sparkle and scintillation patterns that many people associate diamonds with. When it comes to buying diamonds, this is one of the most important aspects to pay attention to.

diamond cut

Credits: https://beyond4cs.com/cut/

5 Things You Need to Take Note About Cut

#1- Some diamond grading laboratories like GIA, AGS, and GCAL have started to include information about a diamond’s cut in their grading reports. The “Diamond Cut Grade” can be based on how the proportions fit within a computer generated formula or by measuring the diamond’s actual light performance.

These diamond grading reports (with a diamond cut grade) are available for round brilliant cut diamonds and some of the fancy shapes. Having cut grades in grading reports will definitely improve the quality of diamond cutting in the future.

#2 – Ideal Cut is a term that is widely used (and abused!) but there are many different definitions of Ideal Cut. One seller’s “Ideal Cut” could be someone else’s “Super Ideal Cut”! You should always try to get the best possible diamond cut, period!

#3 – Diamond Cut can be very difficult to determine unless you have a lot of experience. The best way to see the difference will be at your local jewelers. Don’t be worried and obliged to make a purchase just because you are browsing. This is because jewelers will always love to show you some diamonds because it gives them a chance to try and sell you on one of their diamonds!

Ask to see an example of the best diamond cut and a so-so diamond cut. You should be able to see the differences . Even better yet, there are some jewelers who are selling the “Hearts on Fire” branded diamond cut and they have little displays that demonstrates the value of spending extra money for better cut.

#4 – Many jewelry stores are now starting to sell their own “branded” diamond cut. There are various facet arrangements and shapes that a jeweler may specialize in. For example, “The Leo Diamond” from a cutting house named Leo Schachter is available at Kays and Zales.

#5 – Local retail jewelry stores are using branded diamond cuts as a way to counter the trend of consumers now being able to buy diamonds online. Take a look at some of these branded diamond cuts in person and see if the jewelers can prove to you the value of spending money on these types of diamond cuts.