Engagement Ideas and Locations

Engagement proposal ideas can range from being funny and romantic to being simple and expensive. Many inexpensive engagement proposals require just a little bit of planning, so great proposals don’t have to be hard on the wallet or a lot of trouble to execute.

What are some great romantic proposal ideas?

Many great ideas on how to propose can be found in movies, from your past experiences with her and engagement websites like this one. Locations can be somewhere exotic, sentimental or just a romantic spot on the beach.

Romantic Proposal Ideas

A mandarin coloured sunset on beautiful beach in Hawaii is an amazing sight.  If you are lucky enough to drive somewhere near a nice beach with a view of the sunset or sunrise, consider yourself lucky.  If not, try to plan a romantic trip somewhere sunny with warm weather and surprise her with the big question.

There are also many romantic places you can propose outdoors.  A hike to the top of a mountain or a camping trip can also be romantic way to ask her to marry you.  Nature is a beautiful thing and it is free!

Can romantic proposal ideas be somewhere quiet and casual like a nearby beach?

You will definitely save time and money by proposing somewhere nearby, but do make sure you find a spot with a great view of the ocean, stars, sunset or other natural features.

You can also bring candles, flowers and maybe even create a small dinner outdoors for a intimate romantic proposal. Engagement ideas are easy to make memorable with just a little extra effort.

Exotic Engagement Ideas

Paris has the Eiffel Tower.  London has Big Ben and the bridge.  New York has Times Square or the Empire State Building.  All of these places have a certain mystique to them and are amazing places to make the engagment proposal.

Lesser known locations that may not be as popular would be great if you don’t want to propose in front of a crowd of people.  You can try “The Peak” in Hong Kong or in one of many castles in and around Europe.  A marriage proposal somewhere away from your where you live is an exciting event and the most difficult to get right because you have to hide the ring during your stay.

It is also difficult to get the timing right because you will have to propose in an unfamiliar location and you won’t have any help if your romantic proposal requires a camera/video person to capture the event.

Engagement Ideas in Exotic Locations do not have to be Expensive.

Has she always wanted to visit a certain city and are you planning a to go somewhere in the future already?  You don’t have to plan a special trip just for making a proposal!  You can save some money by working it into your existing plans.

Sentimental Engagement Ideas

Where to get engaged without having to spend too much? I recommend someplace where you shared an experience with her before.

Try to remember the first restaurant you went to or maybe a spot where you had your first kiss.  If where you first met was somewhere memorable, that would work too.

If you can’t think of a place, you can try to find out if there is a favorite movie or story that she loves that you can steal from.  She most likely has a favorite moment from one of those stories and you can re-enact the experience.  Try to look through that book collection of hers as well.

Sentimental Places are too Cheesy

Cheesy is as cheesy does.  It will only be as corny as you want it to be.  I think a romantic candle-light dinner at a small restaurant where you first met is fine. Many engagement proposal ideas are very simple. Just make sure the restaurant staff is well aware of what you are trying to do and they can assist you during the evening.

Unique Engagement Ideas

Can anyone say Disneyland?  I personally don’t know of anyone who has proposed at a theme park, but every girl wants to be Snow White or Cinderella.

We have all seen movies where the main actor asks “Will you marry me” while their names are on the scoreboard.  I wouldn’t go this route unless you are both hardcore fans of a sports team and not afraid of the public.  Also be prepared to sweat, are you 100% sure she will say yes in front of thousands of fans?