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It’s shaping up to be an interesting fall and winter for jewelry styles with styles running the gamut from bold and playful to sleek and modern. Jewelry styles are also going to be bigger and more extreme than you’ve seen in past years.

This is the time to throw caution to the wind and get ready to design those big, bold styles you’ve never had the nerve to try before. Believe me, they won’t look out of place if the trends play out. No doubt about it! Jewelry will play a pivotal  role in fashion going into winter 2008.

As the rather warm summer of 2007 draws to a close and 2008 makes it’s appearance, you’ll continue to see natural elements such as bone, wood, bone, and natural clay beads in the forefront of fashion.To make things more interesting, they’ll  intermixed with crystals , pearls, and even gemstones to create a funky and eclectic fusion look.

Pearls have definitely not lost their luster. You’ll find them interspersed with a multitude of natural and semiprecious beads, particularly black onyx and smoky quartz, which are hot stones for the cooler weather. Look for multifaceted and irregularly faceted shaped beads and jewelry components to be in demand.

Think big and bold with lots of contrasts. Other semiprecious beads that will shine this winter include leopardskin jasper and the perenially popular, tigerseye.  Don’t be afraid to add unconventional elements to these stones such as feathers, sea glass, and even found objects.

In contrast to the rather wild, eclectic natural look, you’ll see a new emphasis on the classics, although with an updated, elaborate twist. Think of oversized, beaded cocktail rings, bold jewelry brooches, and big chunky chains. Sterling silver and marcasite will be important as we move into the cooler weather. European design traditions will be expressed through interesting crests and badges along with lace, velvet ribbon, and cameos, although everything will have a bold, updated look.

Another emerging jewelry trend is the appearance of a new sleek, futuristic look or jewelry with that “high tech” look. You’ll see pairings of black onyx and smokey quartz with bold, metallic bead accents, sometimes interspersed with faceted Swarvoski crystals and bold, dichroic glass.

Beads are often assymetrical and multifaceted which increases the high tech shine of this ultracontemporary look. You’ll see sculpted resin jewelry components interspersed with metallics, giving a sleek, modern, updated look.

This will also be the year of the Asian look with intricately carved, semiprecious stone pendants on leather cord or paired with a diversity of beads. The Asian inspired dragon motif will be popular in a variety of different forms and will be be interspersed with a diversity of charm motifs including hearts, keys, locks, and lockets.

Bracelets, particularly cuff bracelets will continue to be important along with chain bracelets, particularly wire mesh chain bracelets. Pendants and necklaces will be large, bold, and eclectic with a variety of unique design elements and will run the gamut from long to choker length. Earring styles will pack a punch with big loops and circles adding a touch of glamour.

This is, indeed, the year of the bold and unexpected in jewelry trends. Have fun experimenting!

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