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What Other Services We Offer

Besides educating consumers on the pitfalls of diamond buying, we also have contacts with wholesalers who list diamonds for sale with us.

We have partnerships with wholesalers that offer a huge selection of loose diamonds at competitive prices. This diamond inventory is made of a consolidated list given to us by direct manufacturers and cuts out the middleman.

If you are wondering what makes us different from other online businesses, there are a few major differences between us and competitors who provide similar virtual diamond listings:

1. We are able to sell loose diamonds that we can and will bring in house immediately to evaluate on your behalf. This include actual diamond photographs under various lighting conditions and magnifications, copies of the original diamond lab grading report, diamond Megascope analysis and light performance evaluation.

2. Unlike some of our competitors who may offer you a similar service, we DO NOT CHARGE your Credit Card just to call in these diamonds. We are happy to provide all of this information to you upfront with no financial commitment on your part.

3. We are a family oriented business comprising of third and fourth generation diamond cutters and experts with over 30 years of experience and a strong commitment to the same old world values. We are not some computer geeks or capitalists wearing MBA suits who KNOW NOTHING ABOUT DIAMONDS and have decided to open a drop-ship diamond website.

4. We will only sell you a diamond that we have inspected for you and deem it to be of excellent quality and value.

5. You can arrange for a physical viewing session with us in person.

Diamond Price Match Guarantee

Finally, we are so confident of our service and commitment to you that we offer this guarantee. If you find the exact same diamond advertised on any other website for less money, direct us to the webpage and WE WILL MATCH OR BEAT THE ADVERTISED PRICE OF THE STONE, GUARANTEED!

You will still get to enjoy our amazing services which include extensive quantitative reports and high definition photos at your finger tips.

If you want to get the very best price on a diamond ring, the choice to make is easy. We hope you will shop with us for your dream diamond!

Talk to you again soon!


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